About Us

This is the Official JMSN Store.

 I am JMSN.

 All orders are shipped, packed and handled by myself. Directly from my office every morning. The only exception being when the Post Office is closed.

 I decided to do things this way after several unpleasant experiences with different fulfillers. My orders were never made a priority. Big fulfillers didn't seem to understand that we're a community. You are not just customers. After emails and messages from people that had not received their orders for months on end and just didn't have a pleasant experience in general, I decided it was time to make a change.

 I want this store to have the reputation of being timely, efficient, pleasant and communicative with every single order that's placed. Day in and day out. When you're contacting support, it goes directly to my phone. I make sure I keep it on during business hours and even sometimes beyond. I am always working to make sure it all goes smoothly for you. I will answer any questions you may have in the process to the best of my ability.

My music is my heart and soul. My blood, sweat, tears and life's work. To devalue that by giving you a mediocre experience would undermine everything that I am about as an artist and really just a person. I respect your time, energy and money. And I am always grateful for your support. So, I will try my best to show that with this store, everyday.

As always, thank you for your support.

You give me the blessing of being able to do what I love everyday.

Your Friend,